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AACC & ECAP Program


Applying to AACC after High School

Admissions Officer for Virtual Academy Students:

Brian O'Neil


Apply Here

AACC Grants & Scholarships


Unlike loans, scholarships and grants are a form of financial aid you do not have to pay back.

Scholarships and grants are available from a variety of organizations including, but not limited to, the federal government, Maryland, community groups and AACC. Deadlines and requirements vary, be sure to read any information carefully.

Click here for money opportunities!

Early College Access Program (ECAP)

In partnership with AACC, AACPS high school students have the opportunity to take college courses for free.

For more information about enrollment, please visit the AACC ECAP website.

For additional information and submitting your application form, please visit the AACPS ECAP website.

Student Instructions:


Eligible seniors should print out their ECAP form and submit it to the counselor for approval.  Please be sure to list the ECAP class you wish to take on the ECAP form. Please verify your senior year Virtual Academy schedule prior to registering for an AACC class. Your AACC class should be appropriately scheduled around your Virtual Academy classes. No Virtual Academy schedule changes will be granted for AACC classes. 

If you have more questions, schedule a meeting with your counselor.

AACC Dual Credit

If a student wishes to earn Dual Credit (receive both high school and college credit), students must consult with their school counselor about their options. Dual credit can only be granted if prior approval is given by the principal. Students must submit an official AACC transcript to their school counselor at the completion of the course. Failure to submit an official AACC transcript to the school counselor upon course completion could impact your graduation status.

Courses eligible for dual credit 2023-2024: click here

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